Git Cheat Sheet

A set of selected git commands which are used almost on a daily basis. The commands are taken from the github official documentation.

Note: [] = only the content without [] ; “[]” = content inside “”



> git config –global “[name]”
> git config –global “[email address]”

Local Repository Creation:

> git init [project-name]
> git clone [url]

Before & During the push:

> git add [file]
> git commit -m “message”


> git branch
> git branch [branch-name]
> git checkout [branch-name]
> git merge [branch]
> git branch -d [branch-name]  // deleting a branch

Review History:

> git log

Redo Commits:

> git reset [commit]   // commit no. from the git log
> git reset –hard [commit]

Save Fragments:

> git stash
> git stash drop


> git push [alias] [branch]  // pushes the changes from local to the remote repository
> git pull  // updates the local repository
> git merge [bookmark]/[branch]

Suppress Tracking:

.gitignore file holds the following command to avoid temporary files, and paths:

lists of all ignored files: git ls-files –other –ignored –exclude-standard
 my git profile: my git

reference: github cheat sheet

Author: ashiquechowdhury

A software developer, and a data science enthusiast

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