Code out loud with ….. !?

I learned number of programming languages in my life. Some of them are just for learning, some for just giving a shot, some for my career. Yet I keep my skills with programming languages very concise in my resume. The reason is simple, just to avoid horrific interview questions.

When I started learning Java back in 2010, once I heard that there aren’t many quality Java EE developers around the world. I took it for granted, and thought things won’t change that much in next 5-6 years. But unfortunately by the time I came out of university, I found everyone around me speaks Java EE. And the experience ones in the interview board really hate the way a fresh graduate codes (no design patterns, smelly codes, less cohesion, high coupling, redundant codes, and so forth).

Along with some other reasons I decided to pack my bag once again for a higher degree, and take a relief from the dog fight in the job market. Once in a spare time I started looking through the list of the programming languages, and tried to find one for myself. I would say python really attracted me, not because it was easy, rather I realized not so many people around the world actually use it professionally, unless they are engaged in a scientific computing. Eventually I got a chance to work for a high performance computing center, and I really did use python ;). I felt like, job, finally I got you bitch.

Nevertheless I still love java, and used it professionally too. But, python holds my first place of attention.

Author: ashiquechowdhury

A software developer, and a data science enthusiast

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