Longest Subsequence of a String

Longest Subsequence of a string is the longest chronological sequence of the characters in a string. For example, if “abcdggabcdeggabcdefghifklmabc” is a string then the longest subsequence of that string is, “abcdggabcdeggabcdefghifklmabc”. The following code shows how to find it using java.

public class LongestSubsequence {
    StringBuffer sub_sequ = new StringBuffer();
    List<String> sub_sequences = new ArrayList<>();
    int index = 0;
    public List<String> sequence(String s) {
        for (int i = 0; i < s.length(); i++) {
            for (char j = 'a'; j <= 'z'; j++, i++) {
                if (s.charAt(i) == j) {
                } else {
            sub_sequences.add(index, sub_sequ.toString());
        return sub_sequences;

    public String longestSubsequence(List<String> sub_sequences) {
       return sub_sequences.get(sub_sequences.size()-1);

Author: ashiquechowdhury

A software developer, and a data science enthusiast

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